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When I was a kid, the first camera I ever had was given to me by my parents. It was a Minolta that took me years to understand. Learning to shoot on film gave me an innate sense of responsibility to the images I was making. Every snap costs about 50 cents, and every time you finish a roll, it has to be sent away for a week to a processing lab. I remember losing sleep at night in the 5th grade because I was worried about how my prints would turn out. This trained me to shoot when it feels right, and to refrain when it doesn't. Every shot, whether it is a photograph or a scene in a film, has to mean something.

My ultra-talented husband Jay and I co-founded a small production company in Austin, TX called Showfolk​ in 2019. We've shot work for Dell Technologies, Lionsgate, small businesses, nonprofits, and indie bands. Jay and I met in film school and share the same ultimate dreams: to make kickass movies, see the world, and pave an easier path for younger filmmakers.

I have been lucky and so grateful that my work allows me to travel and meet people I otherwise may have never crossed paths with. Wedding couples, especially, have proven to be some of the most interesting and kind people I've met. Every couple has a different energy and spirit, but my goal is always to document their day with honesty and joy.

I love animals, being in the sun, sleeping in, reading Joan Didion, sipping iced matcha, and going to the movies. 

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