I'm an Austin, TX based photographer and cinematographer. 

When I was a kid, the first camera I ever had was given to me by my parents. It was a Minolta 35mm that took me years to understand. Learning to shoot on film gave me an innate sense of responsibility to the images I was making. Every snap costs about 50 cents, and every time you finish a roll, it has to be sent away for a week to a processing lab. It's easy to lose sleep at night wondering if those photographs will come out the way you want. This experience trained me to shoot when it feels right, and to refrain when it doesn't. Each shot, whether it is a photograph or a scene in a film, has to mean something.

I have been lucky and so grateful that my work allows me to travel and meet people I otherwise may have never crossed paths with. Wedding couples, especially, have proven to be some of the most interesting and kind people I've met. I find it so humbling that people open up their lives to me on their most precious day. Every couple has a different energy and spirit, but my goal is always to document their day with honesty and joy.


In addition to wedding work, I am always pursuing other projects that are close to my heart. I am a big lover of cinema and I enjoy serving in or leading the camera department on short films, music videos, and other collaborations. 

Aside from filmmaking and photography, I love cooking and trying new recipes, dreaming up stories and turning them into scripts, being around a fire with good friends, and living by the ocean.


I love animals, all aspects of design and decor, fresh flowers, and making coffee in the morning.